Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Additions

Minus one. A couple of coons have been making pest of themselves, so I trapped one Tuesday night and relocated him. The other one hasn't been back yet.
 I'm getting the cold shoulder from Chili and Skylar.
And this is why. They don't like her. This is Molly. A guy I know didn't have time for her and she stayed in a kennel all the time. I'm trying to see if we can work her in here. She's only about a year and a half and has LOTS of energy. The problem is Chili and Skylar are old and don't feel like putting up with her.

Exploring boundaries. Of course she had to learn NO to the chickens.

I also have two new little biddies. These are Buff Brahma. That is an Americana that is about two weeks older in there with them.

They are adjusting fast.


LindaG said...

Ugh. Coons.
Our cats look just like that when they are not happy with us, haha. :o)

Cute chicks! We have blue tarps like that.
So you have your... my mind is blank; but you have your chicks outside rather than a room inside?

Is that because you are getting your other chickens used to them?

Hope Molly works out. :o)

JC said...

I don't like raccoons. We get them in our woods. Two walked through my yard and they were big.

So nice of you to take in the new dog. It takes time but my eight year old now loves her five month old sister. She acts young again.

Two French Bulldogs said...

We were hoping you didn't make raccoon stew
Benny & Lily

Miss Lizzy said...

Mom told me about Molly but didn't know how old she I know. I bet they get used to her fast. You can't keep a border collie in a kennel all day! The lady who owns the barn where we board Beau has chickens too and sells her you know I've never had a fresh egg, so going to buy some!

Miss Lizzy said...

I guess I should say non-grocery store egg; presumably they have been fresh!

Callie Brady said...

Our raccoons moved away which made me happy. I sure didn't want to have to trap them. Hope your raccoons stay away too.