Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hanging Around After Planting

Yesterday after sowing the seed, I took a few pictures of the dogs.
Close-up Chili.
Oscar was looking for lizards or frogs or anything. I kept wondering where Skylar was. I'd call her, take another picture, call again. Then I looked up
toward the house; there she was, inside, wanting out. I also see an empty Red Bull can on the rail; Michael left.

Now she gets to play.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Planting Rye Grass

This is me getting ready to plant rye grass seed. I plant the rye grass so the horses will have something to graze on during the winter. And since I'm thinking it is going to be colder that usual, I need grass and hay. They like both anyway.

The good part is it is going to rain tomorrow. The bad part is it is going to be heavy rain.

This is some rye grass just coming up from last years crop; I think. There are a few bare spots in the pasture and this looks like the rye grass.

A couple of hours later, my chickens are out in the pasture having a "field day". They found a heavy batch of seed.
They might as well have it as it running off down in the creek. I just heard on the weather that we are expecting four to seven inches.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Would You Believe Rain

Poppet and Suki were trying to get out of the rain under the pine tree to the right. Then it seemed like they just said, "oh well", and started grazing. That tree really isn't big enough to shelter.

Addie Cat is on a old blanket on the front porch. It is an old electric blanket I was going to throw away and decided Addie Cat could use it. She likes it. She is down for a nice little nap while it rains.

Two of the chickens decided they would just forage in the rain. Most of them have been in the rain, because it has been a real light rain since about noon yesterday. It is just started raining harder and the others thought they would just forgo for a while.

Poor Skylar looking out; wondering when it will stop raining. It is suppose to stop this afternoon and be pretty tomorrow. Then Thursday and Friday, more rain. Looks like we are going to be getting rain, so we will just have to adjust.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


It's evening and about time to wrap it up. But one last time through the pasture to see if they can stir up another bug or two.

Sun is just about down. Nice little lazy time of the day.
Poppet has decided she is pretty tired too. So she will just lay down for her a quick nap.
About thirty minutes later, I looked out and saw Suki was down for her rest time also. They laid down for only about thirty minutes or so; then they went strolling off toward the barn.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ginger Lily and Lantana

My first ginger lily this year. They all should be coming on out soon. I also still have some lantana blooming. With all the rain we have gotten these last two months; everything should be doing well. Or drowned.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


These are pictures I took Tuesday, while there was Sunshine. Honey bees and bumble bees. It has rained ALL day long. We had almost three and a half inches. Hopefully, sunshine tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stirring up Food

Today I mowed the grass. My chickens know that when I mow, the grasshoppers and bug move. So they will hang around where I mow. Sometimes I would have to go real slow so they would get out of the way. I didn't really want to scare them, so I had to ease around them. I have all day, right?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hot Dog for a Chili Dog

Chili has a little hot dog stuffed toy she likes to play with. Someone took it outside and let it get washed with the rain. But it is clean now; and believe it or not---dry. So, she is playing fetch with her toy and here comes Oscar thinking he is going to take it. No, no, no.

Now, I'm not throwing it fast enough. If I pause, she will bark and let me know; get with it.

And Skylar is playing Frisbee. I love it when she picks up all four feet and sails up and catches it. This time she just jumped up to get it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

That's Mine

Skylar was playing with the duck when Oscar snatched it. Just because he has one just like it at his house, he believes he will just take this one and play with it. Skylar was snatching it back.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yea! Sunshine

We finally had sunshine this afternoon. And it was a nice cool day. It is going to get cooler; yea again. I bet we have had over twenty inches of rain in the last month or so. We played Frisbee and enjoyed the sunshine.

Chili only felt like catching one today.
Later she did a little soaking up rays on the porch; I read while soaking up a few rays.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Skylar On Guard

Around one or one thirty this afternoon I was in the house reading. Skylar was on the front porch. Oscar and Chili was in the house napping (maybe I was napping also in between reading). Skylar went bounding off the porch; Chili and Oscar immediately started barking. When I went out, of course, I didn't see anything. But I walked down to the edge of the woods. Skylar never left that spot; she just kept watching the woods. She even had a Frisbee in her mouth for awhile; but would not leave that spot. I took these pictures about thirty minutes after I went back in the house. Oscar was laying down watching the woods also, but when I opened the front door, he jumped up and turned around.
Skylar finally picked up her Frisbee and came back up. I see I should have zoomed in a little to see her better. If you can't see her just enlarge. She probably saved a chicken today.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby Opossum

Last night I set the trap and caught a baby opossum instead of a grown one. The trap, which is located behind the chicken house, is baited with cat food. They love cat food. I had gone out to let the chickens out, but Oscar found it first. He spent two hours out there barking at the baby opossum. At least he couldn't get to it.
Later, I just let him loose in the woods. I didn't have time to relocate him. I'll try to catch some more later this week.
The chickens stopped and paused for a second with all the noise Oscar was making; then they decided to go ahead and eat.
Yesterday morning when I went out to get my newspaper, a coyote crossed the road about fifty yards from me. He was crossing and coming back in the woods on my side of the road. I guess he was heading back to his den. This was about seven am. After I let the chickens out, I walked back through the woods to make sure he wasn't lurking out there.

P.S. You would think Oscar lives here.

Monday, October 12, 2009

First Ameraucana Egg

And it's not blue-green. It is just a light brown. Cindy, the one without the tufted ears, is the one that laid. She had been sitting on a nest in the shed and when Lindy, (who was on a nest on the other side) started squawking and came out of the shed; so did Cindy. So, naturally, I thought she wasn't going to lay an egg. Then she just stood there and popped one out. That was Saturday. She laid another one yesterday, but not today. Last night while I was working on the blog, Chili was trying to build her a little nest on the bed.

One day last week, Addie Cat was sleeping in the rocking chair on the front porch. The blue rain poncho is pretty comfy, I guess. As soon as she heard the camera click. She got up and went under the porch. It has been raining all day; and is forecast to rain all week; AGAIN ALL WEEK AGAIN. It finally stopped for a while about three so I could go out and feed all the animals.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Colorado Cousin

My cousin, Mike, from Colorado came to visit Mona, Johnny, and me. We haven't seen him in many, many years. It was really good to see him again. Skylar and Chili went out to welcome him. He made the mistake of throwing the Frisbee for Skylar and the ball for chili. Now, never ending. Chili sat the ball right on his shoe. Oops had a bite.

This last picture is of everyone watching something funny on the computer.