Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Additions

Minus one. A couple of coons have been making pest of themselves, so I trapped one Tuesday night and relocated him. The other one hasn't been back yet.
 I'm getting the cold shoulder from Chili and Skylar.
And this is why. They don't like her. This is Molly. A guy I know didn't have time for her and she stayed in a kennel all the time. I'm trying to see if we can work her in here. She's only about a year and a half and has LOTS of energy. The problem is Chili and Skylar are old and don't feel like putting up with her.

Exploring boundaries. Of course she had to learn NO to the chickens.

I also have two new little biddies. These are Buff Brahma. That is an Americana that is about two weeks older in there with them.

They are adjusting fast.

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Little This And That

While I was out feeding the chickens and watching the squirrels scamper away, I noticed a nest way up in the trees. I think it once was a squirrel's nest. It is really large.

And it's really up there.

I am so glad I have the chain link fence up now or Skylar would be able to run at Suki. The horses seem to know now she is on the other side just making a bunch of noise. Skylar heard me come out to take the picture, so she is turned around watching me.

Up we go.

You can tell by Skylar's tail up and wagging that she is still barking at Suki.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's A Good Life

You go outside, soak up a few rays. (don't mind the yellow cord; that's to light up a lamp for the little biddies.)

Stretch and roll around.

 Then come in the house and really stretch out on Mom's lap for a good nap.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Guess What This Is!

 Muscadine! Nope, not talking about the suet hanging down. Years ago I dug up some muscadine vine that was growing wild in the woods. I put a fence up for it to grow on and everything.Well, a few years later, I read that transplanting muscadine vines is a waste of time because there are so many male vines that don't produce. Okay, so I cut everything down. You guess it; It came right back. Okay, that's cool. Just grow, that will be fine for birds and such. So last year I was walking past the tree and just looked up and saw four muscadines. Yea!!

Look what I've got this year. It's hard seeing the little cluster of berries because the camera wanted to focus on the leaves. Plus the clusters are not very big yet. But there are gobs of clusters on the vines. Now I also have to make sure the vines don't go to high in the tree.

I bush hogged my pasture yesterday. It looks so much better now. But the blades need lowering and then do it again.               

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Look For Something "Happy"

Today is the bad ole tax day. Yuk! So I need something colorful and happy. This is one of my gladiola. I dug these plants up from down at the homestead and planted it here. Really old timey gladiola.

The other day after I gave Skylar a bath (her first outside this year) she came in and rolled on the rug. I had already dried her; this is just something you got to do.

She will finish up.

 Chili said "I don't need a bath. I'm not dirty."

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Oscar and the Fish

I was adding some water to the pond and the fish really like to swim in the flow. Don't ask me why, they just do.  

When I go out to feed the fish and Oscar is here, he runs out and starts barking at the fish. The fish know that means food; they start swimming at the top.

They think Oscar is calling them for supper. As much as Oscar is here, you would think Oscar is my dog.

I got fourteen eggs today. Every hen laid an egg. That doesn't happen real often.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby Chick Time

Yesterday I bought seven little baby chicks. Three Buff Orpington, two Rhode Island Red, and two Americana. Oh so cute.

Here is one of each in the cage. I have a tarp over the cage and of course a light in the cage for them.

Today I opened the cage door and this afternoon they ventured out. The two little Americana right here.

An Americana and Rhode Island Red.

An Americana. Even though they are in a totally enclosed pen, I still close the cage at night. And because they are still so young and I pull the tarp completely over so they can get toasty at night.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

He's Back

The little thief. It's not just him munching it up. No, he spills it all over the ground. This feeder holds a lot of bird seed. But, it is now empty again.

Of course, my chickens love it. "Send some more down, please."

Chili has three little beds in the bedroom. I stuck the old one in a place to get it out of the way while I decide what to do. I threw a down throw, that needs to go to the cleaners, on top of it to get it. That's the one Chili wants. She also wants me to stop waking her.