Thursday, August 16, 2012

Welsummer Baby Chicks

A week ago today, my little Welsummer biddies arrived. The post office called me at 6:20am, so I ran up and picked them up. They are so cute. Bless their hearts, it's been a long trip. They were born on Aug. 06, so they were on their last leg.

This is right after I got home with them. I put extra water so they all you yum up. Sorry to say two didn't make it. Then my friend bought three and I gave my sister four for her upcoming birthday.

So, now I have six. They are really growing and doing good. I had just cleaned their cage and put new pine straw in. This one Biddie looks more like a rooster to me. I hope he isn't, but there it is. What can you do.

I also pick grass and put it in their cage. They love it! I 'll put them in the outside cage Saturday, hopefully. I've got some work to do yet.

This is an old hamster cage and they like the little top shelf.
Has it really been since May 31st that I blogged? Pitiful.