Friday, December 2, 2011

Evening Treats

Every evening Chili, Skylar and Sissy get treats. The last treat is little rawhide sticks with chicken jerky wrapped around the rawhide stick. But because Skylar always went through hers so fast, I decided to buy big rawhide for Skylar. That was cool until Chili finished all the chicken off her rawhide and noticed what Skylar had. After about thirty minutes, Skylar got up to get her some water.

Yep, that is exactly what happened. Chili got it.

So Skylar had to chew on the little sticks still left. As you can tell, they don't always chew up the rawhides.

I just went and got Skylar another big one instead of taking away from Chile. No, she is not spoiled. It has been about thirty more minutes and I think Chili's jaw is tired. She had to give it up.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Pretty Quick Change

It got up to seventy around midday Saturday. My lantana is blooming at the end of November. You can see a few leaves that have been nipped by a little Jack Frost.

The little butterfly thinks it is spring. Then Sunday it got up to around fifty about midday. But most of the day it was in the low forties.

And today it has been in the low forties. So fire tonight. It's going to freeze tonight and be pretty chilly most of the the week. That's okay; it's time for winter.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tony Getting a Little Firewood

Tony is getting him a little firewood to take back. Night time lows are suppose to be in the thirties this next week.

He said this position might not be one you should try at home. This is coming from someone that puts his boot on the wrong foot. And he said it fit!

Now the hard part. Not going to be a lot of that.
I have to post early so I can watch the LSU and Ark game.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just In Time

I have a new stove. Just in time for Thanksgiving cooking. My son, Tony, (that was hard, I only have one child) gave me a new stove for my birthday and Christmas present. I have it baking nothing right now, trying to get the new smell out. I love it.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"This Is My Spot"

"Get off me. I was here first." As many nest as I have set up around here, they only want to use about three or four of them.

And when someone is on the nest that they want, they really kick up a fuss. If the barred rock is the first to the nest, you see what happens. 

If the sex-link is first, the barred rock just squawks forever. I know, I desperately need to clean out the shed.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


"Do you hear me? All day at the vet's office."
 Chili had to have her teeth cleaned today and have her yearly vaccinations. Not happy.  
 When we got back from the vet's, I ask her to smile so I could see her cleaned teeth. I can't tell you what she told me!
Finally, time to eat. Poor thing hasn't had anything to eat or drink since last night.

Okay, run, play and scratch a while.

"Are you sticking your tongue out at me, Chili?"

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's Too High

I heard one of my hens squawking yesterday and I looked up and there she was on top of the house. Squawking because she wanted down. I ran in the house to get the camera, but of course she was already down on the shed.

You have to get down in steps; just like you got up there. I think she started from the back porch railing.

Still not down. It takes a minute or two to get the nerve to jump down.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Little Bit of Color

Heading back to feed the deer. We get a little color in this area. We are probably peeking now; or maybe a little after. As you can tell, alot have leaves have fallen and still got a lot to go.

 I put the corn out in this clearing. After all the leaves have fallen, this area will be free of most of the leaves. I guess they just paw and root them out of the way.
 Do you see Chili in the top of the picture. Bless her heart, if she didn't have so much white hair, you probably wouldn't be able to see her.
This is to the north on the way back to the house. The cold front is coming through tonight, so we are watching out for thunder storms. I want the rain; just not REAL bad weather. It was 80 degrees again today but by tomorrow night it will be back in the thirty's. Then by Sunday it will be back up to around eighty again. My, my.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Here We Go Again

See that red smear on Skylar's nose. You got it. Blood. I think Suki clipped her in the mouth or maybe she bit her tongue. Anyway, I couldn't find any wounds. I had stopped letting her go with me to feed the horse just because I was afraid of something like this happening.

The last couple of days though she has already been outside waiting on me and I let her go. She is also holding her left paw up. She has arthritis really bad in that paw. She loves to go feed the horses and she thinks I can't do it by myself. I think I'll just have to go day by day to see if I let her go again.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Feeding on a Little Corn

Every day I go put more corn out and change the SD card to see what deer are coming up and feeding. I normally have the five does and then some times different bucks. The five are really not five does but the two doe mothers and the three babies. The large doe had twins. I'll post those later.

Anyway, I'm thumbing through the pictures, and here is this big buck. He moved while the camera was taking a picture, but this is a eight point buck. A really nice rack.

Then the next picture, "what the hell?"

Poppet and Suki found the corn. Actually, they should not even be back here. I knew they had been getting out the last few days. Usually, in the morning they will be in the pasture by my house. A few days ago I walked down to the barn to check on them and they were on the other side of the fence wanting back in. I dropped the fence and let them cross. Now they think okay, this is good.

I thought I had fixed the place where they were getting out. I see I have a little more work to do.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

LSU Roses, Really!

I arrive home this morning, after doing a little shopping, and notice a box propped up at the door. I couldn't remember ordering anything lately, but hey, I do forget something once in a while.

Of course you know I'm wondering the whole time, what is in the box. Flag and pole. I don't think so. When I open the box and see the FTD sign, I'm thinking how cute. Still, I'm not thinking live flowers. I'm thinking something ordered from the LSU web site and just mimicking flowers. At this time, I knew it wasn't me who ordered this. First choice was Tony, and I was right. Still digging in the package to get it out, I came across a little FTD packet to keep flowers fresh. My first thought is "how cute" again. Then I touched the roses; "My God, they are real."

I gotta tell ya; This is just too cute and I just love them.

The vase even has the tiger and LSU etched on it.

Okay, so you know what I'll be doing Saturday night with my family and friends. My son is wonderful. He is so sweet and I love him.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gerber Daisy

My gerber daisy in a pot in the house.  Happy Wednesday. Hope everyone had a good one.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Feathered Friends

My sister's guineas came visiting again today. Every now and then they will just stroll down here and hang around awhile. Feathers flocking to feathers I guess.

This is Loretta. And poor little Loretta had a run in with the opossum. I wouldn't say she won, but she did survive; which is important. That's okay I DID win.

This is Lucy. She does look rough and didn't meet up with the opossum. She is molting.

I think in another couple of weeks she will be through. You can already see the new feathers coming threw. Is that what they call pin feathers?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Chili

Chili's birthday is today, or tomorrow, or maybe yesterday. You got that I don't really know? It is somewhere right around here, so I decided today; since her new pajamas came in the mail today. I'm not a bad mother that doesn't know her baby's birthday. I didn't have her as a puppy and this is just the info that I have.

Chili said, "I don't like them. They are too big and they don't fit right. You know I don't like to wear clothes." She doesn't look happy with her present, does she?

She is now twelve and she gets cold easy. I am going to wash the pj's and see if they shrink. If they are still a little large I will take a few tucks. I'm hoping she will get use to sweaters to help her keep warm.
I know I have been away a long time. I hope to get back in this blogging thing.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Poor, Poor Skylar

Again. This first pictures is from yesterday. She has a hematoma in her right ear. See how it hangs lower than the left ear?

We just got back from the vet. She has a tube in her ear to let it drain. She also had her left canine pulled. Actually, it wasn't pulled; it was cut out. The root was coming out the side. It was just a thin layer of gum left. He lanced the gum and cleaned it out that way. The vet said he had never seen that before.

Chili is trying to tell her she hopes she feels better soon. Bless poor Skylar's heart. She is also having some arthritis problems,also. You really have to be tough to go old. I know.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thank You LORD, Rain!

Again! We got .44 of an inch Monday and again today a little over an inch. My purple fountain grass is laying over; heavy from the rain. That's okay. You can tell the parts that I've been watering. Around my trees and parts of the grass. Double win today. Not only did we get rain, it only reached 97.7 today at 11:08am. It is now 74 degrees. Tomorrow back up to 103 or so.

After the rain slowed way down the chickens went out to see what they could stir up.

Why is it weeds can survive so and grass can't; grass for heaven sakes. I really do know the answer. I will catch up with everyone tomorrow. I'm going to sit in the swing on the porch since it is so cool this evening.