Saturday, April 4, 2020


Well, it's been awhile since I posted. So here I am trying to get back in to posting. Although there hasn't been much going on, there is always something happening in the country life. Some good, some bad. My bad this week was a clogged kitchen drain that I couldn't unclog. But it helped having a good plumber come and help.

One thing I can share is my attempt at growing potatoes. My cousin gave me a plastic bag for growing potatoes. It has a flap that folds down to harvest potatoes when its time. I got ahead of myself and posted the now picture first. But, yay!

You fold down the back to about a foot and put dirt in and then put your potatoes in 
and then cover them up. 
 So now you give water and wait. This was on March 14.
 Okay, March 27th, and we have sprouts. And then back to the top picture which was taken on
April 3. It's been so long since I did this blog thing, I'll have to relearn how to post.

I pray everyone out there is being careful and safe and remember Jesus loves you.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Walk Through The Woods

I was sitting at the computer most of the day trying to get caught up on medical refunds and getting ready for filing taxes. So about four the dogs were antsy and ready to get out and run. This was only about the second day out since Gypsy hurt her leg and I got the crud again.  Plus it was a wonderful warm and sunny day. Gypsy is still three legged, although she can now put a little weight on it. 
This is where a deer has been pawing. 
Molly taught Gypsy how to look for squirrels. She is checking for them. 
Bella checking in. She goes off for about five minutes then checks to make sure I'm still around. If she can't find me in the woods, she would have went home to find me. 
Molly swinging by. Got to keep going. 

Gypsy found a downed tree. She is very good at this. She likes to cross creeks on the downed trees. Although later I tried to get her to cross one across a creek and she wouldn't. I guess it has to be her idea. 
She had to jump off at the end about two feet; I guess it didn't hurt. 
We're home. I'm sitting in the swing and the dogs are resting, except Bella. She's still gone. 
Fun time over. Molly has to have a bath every night for two weeks with special shampoo because of a skin condition she has had because of allergies to fleas. We have been fighting this for two months, but we have only five more nights of special bath. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017


So; We've been unable to go for a walk since Sunday. Rain, rain, rain. We're to the turn around part, down at my brothers house talking to him in the pasture. Out of the woods comes a deer with Bella chasing it. Of course Gypsy thinks she has to help Bella catch it.  (Bella is like a large Beagle). Neither one would listen to me to stop.

After about ten minutes still no Gypsy, so I start back tracking. I'm walking and calling, walking back and calling and finally walking home and calling. I'm extremely worried. I'm on the road and almost home and still calling , when I see her running from the woods behind my house . . . . on three legs. 
She is sopping wet, of course. This also means she crossed the road and I'm sure she didn't stop and look. But she survived.  Thank you Jesus for saving this stupid little dog. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Yum, Yum Dirt

"I don't know why you are so excited, I don't want your flower. I just want the dirt"

I guess if I had planted them, I wouldn't have to worry about it

Monday, October 12, 2015

Little Fishes

Well I bought me some more fish today. These are not for the chickens. I have a little fish pond and my fish I had died in early summer and I have no idea why. I had two shubunkins and comets and gold fish. I guess I didn't clean it out when I should have. I have doubts on that, though. They were probably at least four years old. I cleaned the ponds out last week and filled them back up. 

Anyway, today I bought four fish. I bought them at Wal Mart because the pet store where I was buying them closed. Not good selection. I hope I have three comets and I splurged and bought a little Oranda fantail. You have to look really hard to see them. They are only about an inch long. 

This is the Oranda fan fail. She is the largest. And that ain't big. 

You can just barely see them here; where the cloud shadow is by the plant holder. I let the pond dry up and all my plants are in very bad shape. I'm hoping they recover and soon. The holder in the bottom has the water lily. 

One of the things I was missing in the pond was water hyacinths. They really filter the pond well. I went kayaking in August and picked me up some. I only picked up four and now I have a bunch. 

Or I did!  The chickens are eating them up. I guess they see green; there is a drought. 
Hoping no snakes come tonight and get my fish because I don't have them protected yet. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Mighta Gone Fishing

And I did! A couple of my friends (also they are family) and I went up to the pond for a few hours to catch a few fish. We are fishing for catfish. 
But this is what I'm catching. Thousands of these little suckers. We have just always thrown them up on the bank to get rid of a few. But, a few weeks ago I read that someone fed their chickens the remains of fish after cleaning them. Fish meal is really expensive and this is a cheaper way.  So I put all the little bream we caught in a buckle. 

I did catch a couple of catfish. 

Just not big enough to eat; so these get to go back in the pond for another day. Make that year!
When I got home, l chopped up all the little bream into bite size pieces for the chickens. 
They like them. I chopped up a few and then gave them some to see how that was going to fly. It soared. 
I'm at a table still chopping and a few are coming over for more. They hung around as long as I was chopping. I still have a little left in the refrigerator that I plan to give them tomorrow. Great protein. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Big Hunters

This was such a nice late afternoon so I think I'll just sit outside and listen to some music. I get everything set up, I hear Molly barking down in the woods, so I'm just chillin. Got my feet propped up on the table, singing with my music, and took a picture of Polly because she had jumped on the table to preen. Then it dawns on me about ten or fifteen minutes have gone by and I haven't seen the dogs. I go the edge of woods and call Gypsy. Nothing. I call for about thirty seconds, still nothing. I run in the house and put my tennis shoes on (I was in flip flops). Run back out and start calling Molly and Gypsy again. Since I don't know which way they are, I head the other way toward the barn and call again. Finally Molly comes running up behind me. I'm asking where is Gypsy and she runs back in the woods. I go busting after her and of course I haven't gone very far when I see them.
Calm down time. I go down to see what they are after; Molly has her head in a hole and Gypsy is digging in another hole. I'm casing the area to make sure no snakes are around; go figure! 

Molly is on a mission. Got to get it. 

By looking at the hole and location I'm guessing an armadillo hole. 

Close to that hole is another hole and Gypsy is trying to dig in that one. 

After I have confirmed all dogs are okay, I realize my leg is bleeding. I remember hitting something coming down the hill; little scrape. So I'm back up to the house. 

After a few minutes, here come the dogs. You talk about dirty. 
Time to get the water hose out. Too early for bath. We just need to get clean enough to go in and eat. They will be back out after supper.