Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Luck Ran Out

It started sleeting late yesterday afternoon and continued even after I went to bed. My last thought before turning out the light at eleven thirty was "I think we are going to be okay and not lose electricity."
At six, when I woke up; no electricity. It went out around four AM. So, I got up and dressed, went out to feed the chickens and open the hen house. Then I went and put out some blocks of hay for the horses. Oh, I forgot to mention, I started my generator first. I could see Poppet and Suki, but they weren't coming. They were afraid of the noisy generator. Poppet came on to get hers, but Suki had to act a fool first. 

First we just eat with Poppet until she said no. 

Then we have to be brave because we are hungry. 

Molly is interested in barking at the horses; Gypsy is interested in pulling Molly's tail. 

Only a few chickens had come out of the hen houses. It was noon before most would come out. They would step on the ice and go right back in the hen house. 

Late this afternoon they found a spot they could scratch around in; a very small spot.