Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Florida Vacation

Aren't vacations wonderful. Although I had a wonderful time, I was still glad to be back home. So were my little dogs. They missed me, as I did them. They had to go stay with my brother. He lives with Calamity and Oscar up the road.
These are a few of the pictures while in Panama City Beach. My friend Norma would not let me publish her picture, but the good looking guy is my nephew John Michael. We really had a good time just hanging around in the condo and on the beach. Our condo was right on the beach and wonderful.

This is me coming off the beach. I had to go wade for a few minutes.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Frog Hunting

Now we are getting to Chili's favorite part of the day. Late afternoons when I tell her it is time to feed the fish, see runs for the door. She loves to hunt for frogs. You can see little frogs diving for the pond, but , some just stay hidden under rocks. If she smells them, she will start digging trying to get to them. She has been know to fall in the pond, but not often. She takes it well if she does; just shakes off and keeps looking. I have been known to rescue a frog and put him in the pond until it is safe again. Of course, we will start all over again tomorrow.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Biddies No More?

Yes they are; but, they are growing up fast. Tomorrow I will have had them four weeks. I do believe they are probably closer to five weeks old. They are coming out of thier pen and straying a little farther each time. Today I saw a hen chase them off from some chops I had put out for my grown chickens. I don't think she would have seriously hurt the biddie, but the biddie didn't give her a chance. She was out of there. They stayed close to my rosemary bush for protection. I think within about three or four weeks they will really be out and about.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Signs of Spring

Today I caught a snap shot of this little hummingbird as it was drinking from the feeder on the window. The pictures of my flowers were made yesterday. It was such a gorgeous day. As you can see the little bumble bee is busy feeding also. Have a good day.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Old Homestead

Today I thought I would show you where I was raised. My great grandfather came from Alabama in 1891, I believe. I think more was added to the original. The chimney that was on the right side of the house was made out of stone. It had to be torn down last year. The chimney on the left is made out of brick. I have a lot of memories of living in that old house. Like the barn in my header, no one really know the exact age of these buildings. Just that they are over one hundred years old. This house is in very bad shape. It will have to be torn down soon or it will be falling on it's own.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Neighbors Dropping By

Boomer, the little white dog (and I don't know what kind he is for he was found inside a dumpster when he was a little puppy), thinks he can get the frisbee from Skylar. He knows Skylar will chase him if he can ever get his paws on whatever she wants thrown. And that is much fun. Boomer belongs to my sister, who is one of my neighbors.
Calamity, the other border collie, and Oscar, the dachshund, are my brothers who lives down the road. Calamity doesn't like to chase the frisbee or ball; she just likes to chase Skylar while she is running. Poor Oscar is just now getting where he can play again . He got hit by a car and fractured his pelvis. He is getting better and almost well. He thinks he is a hunter. He loves to go into the woods and look for squirrels. I don't think he ever catches anything, but he gives it his best shot.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Skylar's Way to Pass Time

This is Skylar watching the horses. The reason she will watch them for hours is hoping they will start running. When they start running; fair game. She knows she is not to nip at the horses heels (although that doesn't always stop her), but if they run first that has to be okay. They started it! Bless her heart, she is not as fast as she was. Age is catching up. While they are running it is less danger of her getting kicked. That happens when she starts nipping at thier heels while they are grazing. But she loves it.