Monday, April 13, 2009

Biddies No More?

Yes they are; but, they are growing up fast. Tomorrow I will have had them four weeks. I do believe they are probably closer to five weeks old. They are coming out of thier pen and straying a little farther each time. Today I saw a hen chase them off from some chops I had put out for my grown chickens. I don't think she would have seriously hurt the biddie, but the biddie didn't give her a chance. She was out of there. They stayed close to my rosemary bush for protection. I think within about three or four weeks they will really be out and about.

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Miss Lizzy said...

I can't BELIEVE how much they've grown -- starting to look like real chickens! How is the egg business? Hope you had a good Easter -- BB had a good one! Go check out her nails on our post -- she was very proud!
I'm waiting for some people to come and do some major yard work here -- including having dirt and mulch put down in the front beds. Our soil here is so bad -- black clay. We've really needed to do some big overhaul for a long time.