Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Poppet And Suki Having a Nice Day

Suki is thinking maybe I have an apple to give. It doesn't matter that she just had one a couple of hours ago. There is always room for more. After I snapped the picture she wheeled away and ran over by Poppet.

As you can see, I desperately need to bush hog my pasture. However, the tractor is sick. I don't have one so I use my brothers. Hopefully he will get it fixed soon.

"I do believe I might hear something."

Okay, turn around and show your rear. No more front end pictures.

Okay, we're outta here.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Growing Up

These three were born on Easter, so they are about three and a half months. Buttercup, the one next to the wall is lucky to still be growing. Friday night when I went out to close the hen house, she was missing and I could never find her. I thought something had got her. Saturday morning I go out to open the house and she's out strolling around. So last night I rush home to close them up and she is missing again. After looking everywhere for her, I found her in the tree. Luckily she wasn't very high. I had to get the ladder and get her. Of course she squawked like I was killing her. Evidently I scared her enough she didn't want back in the tree tonight.

These little chicks are three weeks old. I had a place on the ground fixed for them and their mom. Last night they were in one of the nest and mom was still on the ground. Tonight they are back in the nest and mom is up with the other hens.

Last week one of the moms for the one baby decided she was ready to give it up and went back to the hen house to sleep. This hen still takes care of the baby. It's five weeks old.
My four little girls (golden sex links) that are almost three months old are still not brave enough to go in the hen house at night.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

After The Rain

Yea; rain again this afternoon. We even got a puddle. It rained about four tenths. That's really good for summer around here. And yesterday we got over an inch. Yea!

But, now it's over and time to just hang out.

See what's going on.

Get a little play time in.

And go feed. Scrounge up a few bug. Did I say YEA?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh No!

I lost one of my little biddies. It was the black one with the white face. This morning when I went out (at 6:15am) the biddies had gotten out and the mother was still in the hen house. There was only two left and they were over by the pen with the four little girls. I am sick about it. I hope I have fixed the problem.

The two mamas and a baby are doing alright. This situation had really worried me at first; but it turned out good.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Few More Babies

On Saturday, June 26, I had three baby chicks hatched out. One black, one white and one black with a white face. Isn't that cute!

Sunday was their first day out of the nest.

Time to get out and start eating. I had put a water bottle in the nest since it was really hot. That whole week had been in the hundreds. Hot, Hot, Hot!

Get to rest on mom's back. They are about a week on in these last two shots.

Bottoms up. Dig deep.