Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Times In Orlando

We just can't leave the phone alone. Actually, she was just sending pictures of us to our family. This is my friend Norma.

This is a really big pool. I think there are seven or nine in this village.

The water fall makes the water reallly cool. It feels good though after sitting in the sun.

Norma in front of the waterfall;

and me in the chair reading.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hunting For Fish

They are not there. I had a disease or something get in the pond and all my fish died. So I'm just letting it go for right now.

He's not giving up; still looking.

And looking. I am going to drain it when I get back from vacation and start all over again. And hope I don't have anything in there to kill them.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


You see the trouble, don't you? And I'm getting tired of having to get her out of the tree. She was not the first one that started getting in the tree at night. But when I caught her and put her in the house, she only did it one more time. Thelma is a little more hard headed.

As you can see I have the ladder handy so I can get her and put her in the house.

So now I have to cut some more limbs off. I guess I could have trimmed her wings, but I wanted to try this first. I am leaving for a week on August 28th and having someone close up at night and open in the mornings.
So far, so good. She is going in the house at night.
This morning I sitting on the front porch drinking coffee about eight thirty and my chickens were in the pasture. They started clucking and running every which way. I jumped up and started screaming and running to the fence and saw a coyote running back in the woods. If I hadn't been sitting there, he would have had a chickens. So now, all this week before I leave, I will start walking through the woods morning and evening and hope this will hold him off for the week I will be gone.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Company Calling

Skylar, Chilli and Sissy had a visitor yesterday. This is Lola. I missed the best pictures (naturally) because I didn't have my camera close enough. Lola was giving Skylar some kisses. Long time no see.

Giving this toy a good shaking.

What about me? Chilli is not going to be ignored for long.

She knows how to get the attention. Be really mouthy; and she is.

See who ends up with the pink toy.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Duck Taped Chicken

Poor little Pepper. Well, maybe little is not the right word. Anyway, I put duct tape on her back because she didn't have any feathers. I think Foghorn pulled every last one off.

I learned this little trick from Callie from On The Front Porch. Pepper was hiding all day from the rooster because I'm sure it hurt her back when they jumped on. I think she is doing better now.

Sorry, I haven't been blogging very much lately. One thing it is so hot out, I don't too much care what is going on outside. That's not true. I really do. Hopefully, I will get better.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Naked Ladies

One day I am out by my little fish pond and everything is just as it should be; then the next day I notice my Naked Lady stalks. Of course my weeds around the edge of the fence are distracting.

I just moved them here in the pond area because every year the greenery would come up in the spring and then no Naked Ladies in the summer. Well, this year, three came up. I don't remember how many I planted here, but it was more than three.

They were a pleasant surprise. Maybe next year more will appear.