Saturday, April 4, 2020


Well, it's been awhile since I posted. So here I am trying to get back in to posting. Although there hasn't been much going on, there is always something happening in the country life. Some good, some bad. My bad this week was a clogged kitchen drain that I couldn't unclog. But it helped having a good plumber come and help.

One thing I can share is my attempt at growing potatoes. My cousin gave me a plastic bag for growing potatoes. It has a flap that folds down to harvest potatoes when its time. I got ahead of myself and posted the now picture first. But, yay!

You fold down the back to about a foot and put dirt in and then put your potatoes in 
and then cover them up. 
 So now you give water and wait. This was on March 14.
 Okay, March 27th, and we have sprouts. And then back to the top picture which was taken on
April 3. It's been so long since I did this blog thing, I'll have to relearn how to post.

I pray everyone out there is being careful and safe and remember Jesus loves you.


LindaG said...

Good to hear from you!
To me, the best way to grow potatoes is in a bucket or bag like you have.
Easier to move it out of the way of the darn fire ants!

I hope this means you are doing well, also. *hugs* and God bless.

Miss Lizzy said...

I've heard from mom about the potato growing bag!! Glad to see the pix. Funny how having to stay home has revived both our blogs! I am glad that you doing well.

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