Monday, April 23, 2012

A Little This And That

While I was out feeding the chickens and watching the squirrels scamper away, I noticed a nest way up in the trees. I think it once was a squirrel's nest. It is really large.

And it's really up there.

I am so glad I have the chain link fence up now or Skylar would be able to run at Suki. The horses seem to know now she is on the other side just making a bunch of noise. Skylar heard me come out to take the picture, so she is turned around watching me.

Up we go.

You can tell by Skylar's tail up and wagging that she is still barking at Suki.


LindaG said...

I didn't know squirrels built nests like that. I would have thought some sort of raptor.

Great that your camera caught it. :o)

Skylar is an imp! Hope you're doing well. ♥

Jan said...

I'm sure Skylar thinks there is some kind of message in the barks. Lovely scenery as always.