Friday, March 27, 2009

Foraging for worms or bugs

It has been raining off and on for the last couple of day. These are pictures of my chickens foraging for food afer a rain. They really like to graze out in the pasture at dusk. I don't know if hawks are less likely to prey for food then or not. The threat of hawks seems to be really bad during the spring. Maybe they are trying to feed the young. They have already got one of my hens about a month ago. I do get attached to my animals and hate for anything to happen to them. Oh, the woes of life.
Well another storm is on its way and we are locked up for the night. So, good night all!


Miss Lizzy said...

These are great pictures! The chicken on the bottom in very beautiful -- what kind is she? We have had rain here too, but tonight it is REALLY cold! I'm sorry the hawk got one of your chickens...they go after our squirrels here.
Thanks for the update from Nana and Daddy Bill's! I hope Hank finally can in for his dinner; he has been very naughty about that.

Miss Lizzy said...

I love the rooster tail -- I forgot to add that!

Anonymous said...

We live only a quarter mile from each other, yet a world away. I know nothing of chickens and horses, so I love it that my neighbor does. I'll keep honking at the chickens when I drive by to keep them back from the road. I can't wait to get some eggs!