Monday, March 23, 2009

Beck's Barnyard got some new additions last week. I now have six new baby Ameraucanas chickens. Right now they are trying to get a little nap in. I already have four Barred Rocks, five sex-links ( which are half Rhode Island Red and half White Rock), and two roosters. I don't have pictures of all the adults yet. They are busy taking turns laying eggs.

Also last week we got to see Caroline and her mom, Elizabeth, (better known as Baby Bean and Lizzie Bean of the Rose Jugglers) while they were in Pea Ridge. Caroline was on spring break and they came to visit Nana, who lives across the street. I didn't get a picture to them. I'm new at this but, thanks to Lizzie Bean I'm learning.


Miss Lizzy said...

Your chickies look so cute! I can't wait to see some green eggs. You probably all ready know more than I do about blogging! We had a really good time visiting in Pea Ridge -- I already miss it.

Anonymous said...

testing, testing