Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Big Storm

On December 21st horrible weather was going on because it was so warm and a cold front was coming through. I think the high was around seventy-five degrees. The wind was blowing really hard all afternoon. I checked the radar on my computor every so often. I think it was around four o'clock it got really bad.  I looked out my window and saw my chickens running toward the house just as fast as they could; that's half running and half flying.  Then the wind picked up MORE. You could see leaves and debree just flying across the pasture; then it changed direction and then it started going in a circular motion. Of course, I was about to freak at this time. And it was definitely time to freak. But I did alright. The dogs were also extremely scared. Something banged against the house and I looked out the fronted door and this is what I saw. 
The Lord took care of me. The tornado went over my house but didn't touch down here and the damage could have been a lot worse. It did touch down later about fifteen miles from here and it had touched down about eight miles before it came over my house. Some trees about fifty feet on the north side of my house broke off and fell and two uprooted. Luckily the wind was blowing them the other direction. 

It also ripped a section of my barn roof off. I can't see my barn from house, so I don't know what my horses did when this going on. 

This tree close to the barn broke toward the east, then the wind laid it on the other side of a tree toward the north. 

We're talking bad stuff. But we're okay now and cleaning up, slowly. I've gotten the shingles on my rood fixed and I have someone lined up to fix the barn roof. 

Gypsy hid in the back of my closet for two hours after the storm. I don't know how she will act when we get thunder and lightning again.  I might have to get her some calming medicine. We'll see. 

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LindaG said...

Thank the Good Lord that you are all safe.
We have a cat that freaks out in thunder storms.
We're supposed to break cold records tonight. Stay warm and be safe. God bless. ♥