Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Enjoying Nature Day

This morning Molly and went for a walk. First, up the road to my brothers. Then we cut across the pasture and by the pond. It looks late because it was cloudy and COLD. Not minus fifty degrees cold; only about forty degrees. Then Molly and I kept walking and then went home for lunch. I was only gone one hour no matter how long it sounds.

Then late this afternoon, after feeding the horses, we went to feed the deer and then a stroll through the woods. Chili was for it today. Molly found an armadillo hole, cool, so Chili had to check it out.

And I mean, check it out. Molly said "I didn't smell anything in there."

"No, nothing there."

"Let me check again."

Okay, stroll some more. That little white dot is Chili's face. "Are you coming?"

Molly probably covered at least three times the ground that Chili and I did. That's good, she needs to.

She is getting her a little drink of water in the stream.


Two French Bulldogs said...

Bet there are great smells on that adventure
Benny & Lily

Mike said...

Always liked a jaunt through the woods with the dogs. We had that 40 degree weather, too. But, a strong wind with it made it downright cold. Next week, back to the 60/70s.

Jan said...

What a beautiful place to walk with all those smells.

LindaG said...

That's what I was thinking. Gorgeous property you have.
Chili is a funny dog. Molly and Chili look like they keep you busy.
Good weather for a walk. Thanks for sharing it with us!