Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh No!

This evening I went out to gather eggs. I always check the nests on the outside of the hen house first. That's because they hardly ever use those nest. I have two old eggs in the nests to encourage the hens to lay there. It doesn't work, but I try. When I checked those nest and the eggs were gone; Oh no, a snake has beat me to the eggs. I went to the nest on the inside and gather the eggs there. As I was leaving, I glanced up and noticed the snake on a two by four. It was extremely long. I ran and got my rifle; but, it wasn't so easy to get the snake out of the house so I could shoot it. Later, the little roosters (these are the pink and green biddies) came along and they were going to sneak up on the snake. They went at different angles, but decided never mind.

This is my new corn I planted. I don't think the corn I planted first is going to make. It's not getting enough sunshine. This corn is about one week old. It looks bigger than it is. It is only a couple of inches tall. If it makes, I will have corn around the first of September. I know this is late, but I'm learning.


J M Jokes said...

I guess the snake did not understand he was eating up the profit. Your chickens can not keep up the the demand of eggs that becky's barnyard sales now. Between the gym and family you can't keep up. So no extra for Mr Snake. Poor dam snake.

LizzyBean said...

I see we will have to plan a trip home in time for some corn! I'm scared of snakes -- not what you want around your chicken house!

Anonymous said...

Girlie, you are braver than I would be with that snake. I freeze when I see them.