Monday, June 22, 2009

Baby Chicks Again

More little baby chicks. One hatched Friday and one Saturday. Can you believe? Just two little chicks after three weeks of sitting on a nest. I might have to get rid of the older roosters and keep the little white ones. Of course, the snake got three of the eggs. Also, the hen could have stayed off the nest a little too long one of the times. She would get off every two or three days, load up on water and food; just stretch her legs for awhile.

Yesterday was the first day off the nest and out into the world to forage for food. They are so tiny next to mama. They would wobble a little and have to rest alot. They get stronger every day. In the last picture they are alone because mama is chasing off another hen. She is only a few feet away. They just stood there and waited for her to come back. Hopefully, they will be okay and grow to be hens. I really hope for hens. On Friday when the first was born, something got one of my barred rocks. They are the black and white ones. So, I've lost another big and got two little. Here we go.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed by your knowledge of chickens. Cute little critters. It's heartbreaking to hear that something kills them.

LizzyBean said...

Oh how precious!! I wish BB was there to see them! A very exciting moment for Becky's Barnyard! What do you think got your hen? Do you remember that silly goose Mom had that sat on eggs up by the house & they never hatched? Memories of the awful was kind of sad, really!