Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Pond Flowers

The yellow water lily is actually my third for this year. I noticed today I had three blooming at one time. They are doing really well this year. (So far.) The purple is a water hyacinth. These came from New Orleans. When Norma and I were there for Mardi Gras, I picked up some out of a bayou. They are just starting to recover from Oscar ripping them to shreds while looking for frogs. I also have a new frog spitter. Cute, huh?

The tall puple in the back is a pickerel. It has to have it's own place also. It will multiply really fast like the hyacinth. In the very top right corner of the last picture, you can see one little green shoot. That is my cattails that Michael brought me from a bayou in New Orleans also. I don't have any cattails on the plants yet. Hopefully, soon.


LizzyBean said...

I have given you an award -- please don't feel as if you need to pass it along. I just wanted everyone to recognize how neat your blog is!

J M Jokes said...

You are lucky to have a nephew that lives in N-O. So you can get pond plants for free form the ditches.