Sunday, June 14, 2009

Company Calling

Thursday, my son, Tony, came over for a visit.He had a scrape on his forehead and he was afraid it would show; hence , we look down . He was also showing off his new LSU cap. Love the eye of the Tiger. Also LOVE the tee shirt.

My niece, Anna, came by for a few minutes Saturday. Actually, they came by to pick up Oscar; he had made his way back to my house after roaming the neighborhood. Or Pea Ridge hood.

Sunday, Taz, Miss Daisy, Sweetie, and Mikie came to visit for the afternoon. Sweetie and Mikie are missing out of the picture. They were busy.

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LizzyBean said...

Great pics and LOVE Tony's t-shirt!! We are really excited that Nana and Daddy Bill are headed our way for the 4th! Your mushrooms look cute.