Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Garden Update

I went back to find one of the first pictures I had of my garden. This was taken around the first of May or end of April. I planted these tomato plants on April 16th or 17th; right before I went on vacation to Florida. Looks like lots of room, right? Well, they have really grown. I have even eaten about four or five tomatos from these plants. See the two big plants in the back? They were so good. Pretty soon I hope to have tomates to share. My potatos, don't really know, as with the corn. I did dig just a little under a potato plant and saw one little (really little) potato. We will wait and see. If I get any corn from these few plants, I will be lucky. I have one little bell pepper growing; hopefully there will be more. And my herbs are looking pretty good. I am pleased at the results I have gotten so far. Actually, I am extremely happy. It is doing really good so far. Oh, I forgot to mention my squash. It is still little but growing. I planted it too late but hopeful it can stand the heat.

I didn't notice Skylar in the backgound until I posted these pictures. She always seems to be looking back asking "What?"


LizzyBean said...

BB here-- That is so cute that Skylar is in the background! The corn looks like it's growing good!

LizzyB here -- WOW!! I'm impressed! I planted everything in pots and have lots of tomatoes, but still green. I've had a few cherry tomatoes. My 3 cucumber plants (potted together) are huge and have loads of blossoms, but no little cukes yet, so I'm wondering what is going on. Maybe I'm just impatient! Bought a jalapeno, a salsa pepper, and a NM chili pepper; there are a few blossoms popping. I bought these at WalMart on a whim -- hadn't really planned to plant any peppers, but had some potting soil left over from the tomatoes!

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks great. Must be those George genes coming through! I thought of him when I saw the corn.