Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just Stuff

I had a big box on the back porch that needed taking off; however, before I disposed of it Addie Cat decided it would be her new sleeping pad. I am sorry to disappoint her but it can't stay there. I might try putting it under the porch to see if she will like it there. She really appears to like this box.

These teeny tiny mushrooms were growing in a flower pot on the back porch. They were so small it was hard trying to get a good picture. They might have been about one inch tall. The Rose Jugglers had some really good information about mushrooms on their blog once. Like if you put the cap of mushroom on a sheet of paper, the dust from the spores of the mushroom will drop on the paper. Then you see a pattern of the mushroom and it can be identified. Not by me, though.

The Rose Juggler gave me an award from their blog today. I just don't know how to put it on mine yet. But I do appreciate the award.


LizzyBean said...

Cool Shrooms! Do you have a macro setting on your camera? I just figured out how to use mine -- I didn't know that it would help focus on small, close things -- it really does work. Cats just love boxes, don't they?! I posted some pics of a huge mushroom in our yard today!

LizzyBean said...

Oh -- next time I'm there I'll help you with your award. I am slowly figuring out how to do this stuff!