Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chicken Crossing The Road

And you know that ain't good. Saturday night when I went out to close the chickens, one was missing. So Sunday morning I'm going up to the road to get the paper and there is Bea on the other side of the road, just sitting there. She had been hit by a car and I think her leg is broke. I have her in a coyote trap now and she can scoot from one end to the other. She laid an egg Sunday and Monday, but the shell was too fragile. Today her egg was okay. I hope she will be able to recover enough to keep away from other chickens. I also lost my Buff Brahma Sunday; hawk, I think.

And today I bought some baby chicks.

Two red sex-links, one barred rock and one americauna.


Jan said...

Sad, but I guess it's the circle of life. The babies look so cute.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh no, poor baby. Those babies sure do look toasty warm
Benny & Lily

LindaG said...

Hope your hen gets better; and I hope your chicks do great as well.

*hugs* ♥