Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Busy Day

I didn't get everything done, but some of it. I cleaned off my back porch, except of hauling a few things to the barn and donating stuff. Had lunch; went and got a massage. Oh yea! It was great.

Then after feeding the horses I trimmed my Miscanthus grass, some of the shrubbery in the front and these in the picture. Even though I know what they are, my mind will not let me tell you right now. Anyway, the chickens loved going through my pile of limbs.

"Surely there is something is this big pile"

I decided to eat the huge three inch egg I got a couple of weeks ago. It was a double yolked egg. I just broke one of the yolks when I cracked it open.

That's okay because I ended up scrambling it up and fixing kind of a omelet. It was yummy.


Mike said...

I figured it was a double. I haven't had one, yet.

Anonymous said...

You have some overachieving hens?

Two French Bulldogs said...

Sounds like you got more than enough done
Benny & Lily

LindaG said...

We got a lot done, until hubby hurt his shoulder.
Glad to hear your egg was yummy!