Monday, January 25, 2010

Frisbee Time Again

You've got to watch it. They do a better job of catching the Frisbee than I do. She has her eye on it.

Then you've got to bring it back so we can start all over again.
I finally caught her and Skylar in the air. I've been trying for the longest to get the jump right. If you will notice, Chili catches the Frisbee on the back side. Every once in a while, when she is just barely getting to the Frisbee, she will catch the front.

This wasn't the perfect jump, but better than I usually get. You know, that is the best part of catching; the jumping.
Sissy doesn't play catch. She just likes to run around and bark. That's okay, gives me a little break.


Benny and Lily said...

Great job you guys. Mom caught some good actions shots! The Olympics are coming you know. You could represent the US..BOL
Benny & Lily

jan said...

Chamois our generic dog would make the perfect Frisbee dog, but she thinks we are throwing things at her and she cowers. Not the most courageous dog, but still a sweetie.

Callie said...

What great fun! They look like they are having a terrific time. And so good! They bring it back! Great photo capture of the action!

Sapphire said...

great exercise! unfortunately we don't have that much space to play Frisbee and our parks are restricted.

i'm sure they all had a BIG snooze after all that?

Toni aka irishlas said...

Shelties are great at that running around and barking thing they do! The two younger dogs race to see who can get there first at whatever I'm throwing. The old guy (14 yrs young) just runs and barks. Sometimes he just barks. He's almost completely deaf so I guess he can't hear it!

LizzyBean said...

Go, Chili, Go! Great air shots! Alice doesn't play catch either; she just runs around howling.