Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Summer of Snakes

I have seen more snakes this year than I have seen in a long time. This is Molly after she got bit by a copperhead snake in June. I took her to the vet  
and she got a shot and antibiotics. 
She had swelling, but not too bad. By morning, all of the swelling was gone.  This wasn't the first snake of the summer. I had already killed three before this happened; although they weren't poisonous. 
Then in August, Gypsy, my Snorkie, got bit in the throat by a copperhead. Sorry about the picture, it's lopsided. Anyway this is her throat a couple of hours later. 
The vet had said she would be okay, but I can tell you, late that night I thought she was going to die. Her little heart was racing and she wouldn't lie down. For about five or ten minutes she would just stand with her head hanging down. After a couple of days she was well. 
This is the snake that bit her.  It was only between twelve and eighteen inches long, but it did cause a lot of sickness. I don't think size matters much. 
This is my brother's dog Buddy.  He got bit by a cottonmouth moccasin last Wednesday. He was at the vet until yesterday morning and he still had a little swelling in his chest. He is still taking medication also. The vet said he would have some tissue loss. 
I had no idea this is what she meant. He is walking around and acts like he feels okay, but it looks awful. I have never seen this happen before.  Thank goodness he lived though. I have probably seen at least six or seven snakes this summer. Buddy had been bit two times before, but not like this. I believe I'm ready for winter!

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