Thursday, September 17, 2015

Night Time UNWELCOME Visitor

Monday night about nine o'clock I hear Molly and Gypsy doing a lot of barking. You can tell by the barking, something is out there. I get my flash light and go looking. They are under the shed and you could hear bumping and dust flying out. 
This possum was what was causing the ruckus.

The bumping was probably Molly because she was having to belly crawl. 
I didn't realize Gypsy was on the other side of the rail when I took this shot; it was later when I was looking at the pictures that I noticed her there. 

She moved around to see if she couldn't get it. You know, Mom is right there to protect me. It was just a young small possum, but it still has mighty sharp teeth. 

It took some doing to make them get out from under there and come in the house. Well, it took some doing to get Gypsy out.  Molly minds really well. You talk about dirty!

These were some dirty little dogs. I let the possum go away this time. Hopefully it will realize this is not the place for it to be. My chickens were already locked up for the night, so they were safe. 

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