Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cone of Shame

Now that is not funny!  Here I am hurt and Tony is making fun of me. Actually, I don't think she is in pain; she just has to wear it to keep from scratching the tube out. 
She had a hematoma on the tip of her ear. The vet make a couple of slits and put a tube in it last Friday. We go today at 2:00pm to remove it. YAY from both of us. 
This is Little Britches going through the woods. Every three or four days we go through the woods spraying scent (cheap perfume of something) trying to keep the fox and coyotes away. We have had a horrible time with foxes eating my chickens this summer. Usually she gets further away from me. At least she is smart enough to know she needs to stay close with that cone on. 

1 comment:

LindaG said...

So sorry to hear about your chickens. :-(
What a cute little face on Little Britches.
Hope all went well at the vet's!
Have a blessed week!