Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Big Hunters

This was such a nice late afternoon so I think I'll just sit outside and listen to some music. I get everything set up, I hear Molly barking down in the woods, so I'm just chillin. Got my feet propped up on the table, singing with my music, and took a picture of Polly because she had jumped on the table to preen. Then it dawns on me about ten or fifteen minutes have gone by and I haven't seen the dogs. I go the edge of woods and call Gypsy. Nothing. I call for about thirty seconds, still nothing. I run in the house and put my tennis shoes on (I was in flip flops). Run back out and start calling Molly and Gypsy again. Since I don't know which way they are, I head the other way toward the barn and call again. Finally Molly comes running up behind me. I'm asking where is Gypsy and she runs back in the woods. I go busting after her and of course I haven't gone very far when I see them.
Calm down time. I go down to see what they are after; Molly has her head in a hole and Gypsy is digging in another hole. I'm casing the area to make sure no snakes are around; go figure! 

Molly is on a mission. Got to get it. 

By looking at the hole and location I'm guessing an armadillo hole. 

Close to that hole is another hole and Gypsy is trying to dig in that one. 

After I have confirmed all dogs are okay, I realize my leg is bleeding. I remember hitting something coming down the hill; little scrape. So I'm back up to the house. 

After a few minutes, here come the dogs. You talk about dirty. 
Time to get the water hose out. Too early for bath. We just need to get clean enough to go in and eat. They will be back out after supper. 

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