Thursday, March 1, 2012

We finally got some rain yesterday afternoon and the smell is much better. This morning was the first time the horses have been in the pasture. They would go in the small section that didn't get the fertizer.

They needn't bother; there is really nothing there. Just a few blades of grass. I guess for March 1, not bad. Hopefully more grass soon.

The chickens are even out enjoying the pasture this morning.

Everyone liked the chicken house except the horses. This afernoon, after going to feed the horses, I found Skylar enjoying herself. Yep, you know what she is chewing on.

Chili likes it also. She made a point of going on the other side of the fence to get the good stuff, like Skylar

This is just before she started getting a good roll going.


Jan said...

Mmmm a banquet that they can roll in.

momto8 said...

spring is coming!