Wednesday, March 7, 2012

But, I Found Something

Just had a bath yesterday, right? Actually, Oscar started it. He was digging in a spot behind Chili. Remember the chicken house fertilizer I got last week. This morning Chili was rolling in a big wad. Thank goodness it was good and dry. So much for baths.

"It's got to be down here!"

"Finally, my turn."


Jan said...

After a bath my dogs work really hard to get that sissy smell off them.

Jennifer said...

Just digging away, lol

callie brady said...

Looks like your dogs have been digging over here because I see holes like that when Morgan and I take walks. Squirrels?

LindaG said...

We don't have a dog at the farm yet, and we have holes.
Hubby thinks they're from armadillos.

Wonder what they were looking for?

Have a good day! :-)