Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blue Bird Watching

The blue birds have a nest in the purple martin house. I guess that is okay as the purple martins don't come to my house to use it. Anyway, this morning they were having a fit. Some starlings were at there nest. Now of all the holes in the purple martin house, one starling was looking in the hole where the baby blue birds are.

The blue birds were in the tree squawking. I thought I would have to shake the pole the get rid of the starlings, but when I walked out they flew off.

And the blue birds calmed down.

This afternoon I saw both of them with bugs in their mouths to feed the babies. I ran back to get the camera; too late, already fed them.

"You okay in there?"
I haven't seen the cardinal anymore building on the nest. Maybe she abandoned it; fiddle.

On one of my hay bales grass is growing and now a few mushrooms. Think maybe there are a few fairies in there?


Jan said...

We once had mushrooms growing in a perfect circle in our yard. Were there fairies?

LindaG said...

Stupid starlings were up to no good, I'm sure.

Hope you're doing well today!

Jennifer said...

I love bluebirds... I hate starlings, ya know your allow to kill them, sorry but they are invasive birds, that kill our beautiful bluebirds, your allowed to kill House Sparrows too... just sayin ;)