Monday, October 12, 2009

First Ameraucana Egg

And it's not blue-green. It is just a light brown. Cindy, the one without the tufted ears, is the one that laid. She had been sitting on a nest in the shed and when Lindy, (who was on a nest on the other side) started squawking and came out of the shed; so did Cindy. So, naturally, I thought she wasn't going to lay an egg. Then she just stood there and popped one out. That was Saturday. She laid another one yesterday, but not today. Last night while I was working on the blog, Chili was trying to build her a little nest on the bed.

One day last week, Addie Cat was sleeping in the rocking chair on the front porch. The blue rain poncho is pretty comfy, I guess. As soon as she heard the camera click. She got up and went under the porch. It has been raining all day; and is forecast to rain all week; AGAIN ALL WEEK AGAIN. It finally stopped for a while about three so I could go out and feed all the animals.


LizzyBean said...

I was really hoping for a blue-green egg! Addie Cat looks so cute -- a perfect circle! Sammie and Alice like to make nests for their beddies.

Cat with a Garden said...

Thank you for visiting us back, We had to laugh at your comment about the opossum. They do look kind of nasty! How nice that you have a Chili too! Ours is written with two "l" though.
We would love to whap that egg!
Purrs, Siena & Chilli