Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Feathered Friends

My sister's guineas came visiting again today. Every now and then they will just stroll down here and hang around awhile. Feathers flocking to feathers I guess.

This is Loretta. And poor little Loretta had a run in with the opossum. I wouldn't say she won, but she did survive; which is important. That's okay I DID win.

This is Lucy. She does look rough and didn't meet up with the opossum. She is molting.

I think in another couple of weeks she will be through. You can already see the new feathers coming threw. Is that what they call pin feathers?


Jan said...

I love guineas. We had one perching in a tree in our yard for a few months.

LindaG said...

I can't wait to have some guineas...

Loretta is a very pretty chicken. I hope she will be okay. Glad you got the 'possum.

Jennifer said...

Poor chickens. I've got alot of chickens molting too... I took some pics. today to post on my blog later this week.

Two French Bulldogs said...

we think they are chickens not guineas, BOL
Benny & Lily