Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Chili

Chili's birthday is today, or tomorrow, or maybe yesterday. You got that I don't really know? It is somewhere right around here, so I decided today; since her new pajamas came in the mail today. I'm not a bad mother that doesn't know her baby's birthday. I didn't have her as a puppy and this is just the info that I have.

Chili said, "I don't like them. They are too big and they don't fit right. You know I don't like to wear clothes." She doesn't look happy with her present, does she?

She is now twelve and she gets cold easy. I am going to wash the pj's and see if they shrink. If they are still a little large I will take a few tucks. I'm hoping she will get use to sweaters to help her keep warm.
I know I have been away a long time. I hope to get back in this blogging thing.


LindaG said...

Haha. Poor Chili. She definitely does not look impressed.
She looks like she's asking if she's been bad that you make her wear it. ;)

Hope you all and Skylar are doing well. ♥

Mike said...

Maybe that back door draft is uncomfortable for her. ;)

Sapphire said...

Happy birthday Chilli! Stay warm! I hope Skylar has fully recovered by now.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Happee Birthday sweetie
Benny & Lily