Monday, November 7, 2011

Feeding on a Little Corn

Every day I go put more corn out and change the SD card to see what deer are coming up and feeding. I normally have the five does and then some times different bucks. The five are really not five does but the two doe mothers and the three babies. The large doe had twins. I'll post those later.

Anyway, I'm thumbing through the pictures, and here is this big buck. He moved while the camera was taking a picture, but this is a eight point buck. A really nice rack.

Then the next picture, "what the hell?"

Poppet and Suki found the corn. Actually, they should not even be back here. I knew they had been getting out the last few days. Usually, in the morning they will be in the pasture by my house. A few days ago I walked down to the barn to check on them and they were on the other side of the fence wanting back in. I dropped the fence and let them cross. Now they think okay, this is good.

I thought I had fixed the place where they were getting out. I see I have a little more work to do.


Jan said...

How cute. They probably thought there was a party going on.

LindaG said...

Haha. Caught in the act. ;-)

Jennifer said...

Oooo thats funny... smart horses, lol