Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two of a Kind

It must be the breed. Chili and Oscar love to chase frogs. They will spend a lot of time around the pond. Oscar is worse than Chili though.He is also more destructive. He has chewed the hose and pulled the pump up; he has destroyed all the tops of the iris and trampled the plants in the little bog area of the second pond. He has fallen in the pond a lot of times also. I'm having a really hard time this year trying to get my pond clear. It is really green. I didn't get to finish working on the plant area last year; so, it has been two years since I did cleaned up around the pond. As a result, lots of weeds. I hope to start tomorrow. I have bought me a windmill palm to go in here also. I hope to have it cleaned up and looking good soon. We'll see.

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LizzyBean said...

Hilarious pictures of the dogs! Mom said she had a slow leak in her pond she thought -- she and Daddy got it cleaned up the other day. I really want a little fountain for my yard. How are your vegetables? I bought some pepper plants today at Walmart since I had some potting soil left. I bought a jalapeno, a sandia New Mexico pepper and one called garden salsa. I got them in their pots this morning to join the tomatoes and cucumbers. I've never seen a windmill palm, so be sure to take a picture of it. Oscar has been a very naughty boy!