Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Biddies

More biddies, yes. However, I did not go shopping for these. As you can see these are little rescued Easter biddies. I have had these biddies for little over a week and they are already going into the chicken coop and have been running around all over the yard. Last night was the first night they were able to get on the roosting pole. The green one wanted up with the big chickens, but they pecked him down. Notice I said him. I am sure he is a rooster; not sure about the pink one yet.
When I first got them, Oscar would follow them around for awhile. He would even lick them, but he would not try to eat them. He definitely knows better. I had no idea I could let the little chickens just go around in the yard. They are doing really well now. Of course, when they were smaller there was the chance of the cats coming around and getting them. Hopefully, they will be alright.

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LizzyBean said...

They are cute little things -- Easter Egg colors! I wish I could see Oscar licking them; it makes me think of Hank the Cowdog in the book series we like...Hank always starts drooling and slurping when he gets around the chicken yard!