Thursday, May 28, 2009

Remembering George

One year ago today, my Daddy died. So, I thought I would post a few pictures of him. These were made at his house about six months before he died. The first picture is of Daddy, Tony (my son) and me. Then Tony and Michael with Daddy. I think he was about to get tired of all this picture making in the third one. The last picture is from about five or six years ago. Tony was trying to learn how to plow. He didn't get very far because Daddy was wanting to finish. Of course, plowing was not something Tony would be using alot.
We all miss him, but we have lots of memories. we can laugh and tell stories for days.

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LizzyBean said...

Love the picture of Tony plowing! They are all wonderful pictures. I adored George and I really miss him. Can't believe it has been a year already.
We are headed to the beach today! (As soon as I pack.......)
I posted a pic of Caroline right before her luau! she had a great party! And it wore me out, so I'm definitely ready to hang on the beach for a while!!