Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Walk Through The Woods

I was sitting at the computer most of the day trying to get caught up on medical refunds and getting ready for filing taxes. So about four the dogs were antsy and ready to get out and run. This was only about the second day out since Gypsy hurt her leg and I got the crud again.  Plus it was a wonderful warm and sunny day. Gypsy is still three legged, although she can now put a little weight on it. 
This is where a deer has been pawing. 
Molly taught Gypsy how to look for squirrels. She is checking for them. 
Bella checking in. She goes off for about five minutes then checks to make sure I'm still around. If she can't find me in the woods, she would have went home to find me. 
Molly swinging by. Got to keep going. 

Gypsy found a downed tree. She is very good at this. She likes to cross creeks on the downed trees. Although later I tried to get her to cross one across a creek and she wouldn't. I guess it has to be her idea. 
She had to jump off at the end about two feet; I guess it didn't hurt. 
We're home. I'm sitting in the swing and the dogs are resting, except Bella. She's still gone. 
Fun time over. Molly has to have a bath every night for two weeks with special shampoo because of a skin condition she has had because of allergies to fleas. We have been fighting this for two months, but we have only five more nights of special bath. 

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LindaG said...

I hope you are able to get Molly better again. She doesn't seem too upset by the baths so maybe they are helping.

You have lovely woods. I am sure your dogs love them every day.

Have a blessed week!