Thursday, January 19, 2017


So; We've been unable to go for a walk since Sunday. Rain, rain, rain. We're to the turn around part, down at my brothers house talking to him in the pasture. Out of the woods comes a deer with Bella chasing it. Of course Gypsy thinks she has to help Bella catch it.  (Bella is like a large Beagle). Neither one would listen to me to stop.

After about ten minutes still no Gypsy, so I start back tracking. I'm walking and calling, walking back and calling and finally walking home and calling. I'm extremely worried. I'm on the road and almost home and still calling , when I see her running from the woods behind my house . . . . on three legs. 
She is sopping wet, of course. This also means she crossed the road and I'm sure she didn't stop and look. But she survived.  Thank you Jesus for saving this stupid little dog. 

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