Thursday, May 9, 2013

Neighbors Wildlife

That I hope she keeps on her side of the road. I was visiting my cousin that lives less than a fourth of a mile from me on the other side of the road. About 5:00pm this raccoon was out in her yard.

 On the other side of the tree, she has corn out for the deer. Under the tree she has peanuts, cat food and sun flower seeds.

She said two coons and one cat come to eat the treats. First come, gets the best.

 Early bird gets the worm, or coon gets the peanuts.


jan said...

Raccoons are cute but I haven't liked them since they raided out campsite.

LindaG said...

We had one around here last year. Hubby tried to chase it off by shooting at it and by using moth balls. Not sure it worked though because we saw some strange paw prints that looked like coon.

Hope we can get rid of it or them before the corn comes up.

I hope it stays away, too. Good luck with that!
Stay safe with the weather tonight, too.

Mike said...

With the feast your neighbor is giving, I don't think you have to worry with a coon visit.