Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gypsy, The New Family Member

I picked her up Monday afternoon. She is a four month old Snorkie. At least I think that is what she is. When I went after her, I was told it was a Yorkie, but she has the look of a Snorkie and the lady giving her to me is a groomer and thinks she is a Snorkie also. The lady that bought her decided she didn't want her and just gave her to her groomer. The groomer already had thirteen dogs she has rescued and was just looking for a home for her.

She is a sweet little puppy. I was told her birthday was December 19,2012. My brother thinks she is older because of the way she runs and looks. She is fast. I am so proud of Molly and Chili for accepting her so well. Molly plays really well with her and Chili lets her get away with a lot without snapping at her. Chili really surprised me.

We had been running and playing; she is resting on the porch now.

Tuesday I went out to feed my fish; right off the bat, she fell in. It didn't seem to scare her.

Playing tug of war with Chili.

After she eats, she goes to all other dishes and makes sure they didn't leave anything. This is her making another swipe at her dish; clean it up good. There might be a crumb left. I have got to tell you, I forgot how tough this potty training is. My, my, my.


LindaG said...

She is a little cutie. :-)
We are doing okay. Had a few health problems. Trying to get used to all the changes.
The weather is certainly up and down, isn't it?
Good for the broccoli!
Have a blessed weekend. ♥

Jan said...

What a doll face. I am envious. Well, except for the potty training thing.

Two French Bulldogs said...

What a cutie. Great clean-up skills
Benny & Lily

Jen said...

Shes so cute.