Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Working on the Fish Pond

Yesterday I noticed that very little water was flowing from the smaller pond, so I pulled the pump out and cleaned the filler. I had not cleaned it all winter. This morning it wasn't flowing at all.

Okay, I run to Lowe's and buy me a new pump; get it all changed over and set up, plugged in, nothing. Oh yea! So then I take the tubing and flush it out with the water hose. Bingo. Working fine. My brother ask "Don't you know the tubing is the first thing you check?" "No!"

No problem, I just use the new pump to get my little frog spewer (if that is what you call it) going. As it turns out that pump was okay also. Since I hadn't used it during the winter, any algae, or whatever it was blocking it, had dried up. Now it's working. Oscar came to visit today and he enjoyed getting to bark at the fish again. The fish just think that is a calling to come eat. I'll just save the new pump for when one of these does die.

Yesterday my little baby girls came out of their cage and and stayed a long time. It did get to seventy-six degrees here.

I threw a little hen scratch out for the babies; they are diving in. It is going to be around thirty-two tonight and tomorrow night. They should be alright with the heat lamp and the tarp surrounding the cage.


Jan said...

You are so resourceful. I would have no idea how to hook up a pump.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Good job on your fish pond pump. It looks pretty like those little chickies
Benny & Lily

LindaG said...

Your fish pond looks great.
Hope everything rides the night well! Hopefully it won't get as cold as they predict.
Happy Wednesday!