Sunday, March 3, 2013

We Made It

This morning it got down to twenty-four. Really Brrrr. I went out about eight this morning and my flowers were laying down.

They just couldn't help it. It was too cold.

 It didn't seem to bother this type.

Even Chili went with me this morning to put a little hay out for the horses. She usually won't go. What made her decide to on one of the coldest mornings; just don't know.

But look at this; they are perking back up. I couldn't believe everything looks okay.

Then, early afternoon, the baby chicks went to their outside home for the first time. They loved scratching around in dirt. The low tonight is suppose to be only around forty.

Busy, busy.

Got a little sunshine creeping in.

This isn't a very good picture, but this is a honey bee on the Bradford Pear tree blooms.


Jan said...

Signs of spring are every where now.

LindaG said...

We actually covered some things. We may have lost a few. Others seem like they may recover.
I'm just glad we had heat.

Have a great week!