Friday, September 18, 2009

Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain

Tuesday morning while it was raining, I sat on the front porch and took a few pictures. This little hummer was thinking it might as well rest where the food was. Not a bad idea. Chili was bobbing for a cat food kernel. I have Addie Cat's food dish up on the rail and one little piece fell into the dish with water in it. She had to work for it, but she got it. That's my girl.
The rain slowed down, so Skylar is stalking the horses. What is a little rain, when you can have so much fun nipping at the horses heels. See the hen in the background?

Moving on to today. Back sitting on the front porch while it pours. One of my little chickens, Tippy, decided she didn't want to waste the time or energy running for cover. She just stayed out in the rain. Just stood there while it poured down. When it slowed down to a light rain she started foraging for food again.

And Poppet and Suki decided it was going to always rain so might as well get out there and get to eating. Oh well. I really am happy we are getting a lot of rain. I just need to see a "little" Sunshine every now and then. It did stop long enough for me to get the yard mowed Wednesday. Oh, and the rabbit was back this morning. I'm glad he decided to come on back. He/She has really grown this summer. She was really small when she first started coming around.


Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Oh we know all about the rain stuff. we got a bit of sunshine this afternoon.. Now it is clouding up again. Sure hope it is nice in the morning so we can get mom to the lake... Should be easy digging for Dad and his silly metal detector..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Anonymous said...

My yard and pasture are sloshy from so much rain. The ground is saturated to the point that the water just sits there, with no place to go.

I'm delighted to have the rain, but I'm now more than ready to have it stop for a few days.

Nice photos.

LizzyBean said...

Your pictures are just gorgeous! Mom and Dad have been looking at them with me & Mom is thrilled you like the camera. It takes stunning pictures -- so clear. I've looked back at some of your older posts too. We are so sick of rain here & we are already over normal for the year, I bet we start seeing mosquitoes as big as crows around here. I turned my mister system off b/c Alice was about to have a nervous breakdown, but I think I'll have to turn it back on. Just love your pics!! Mom and Dad are headed home tomorrow -- I have to work; Oct. 1st deadline.

Sapphire said...

hello! your pics (esp the 1st one) are stunning! hugs to everyone (: