Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Neighbors Dropping By

Boomer, the little white dog (and I don't know what kind he is for he was found inside a dumpster when he was a little puppy), thinks he can get the frisbee from Skylar. He knows Skylar will chase him if he can ever get his paws on whatever she wants thrown. And that is much fun. Boomer belongs to my sister, who is one of my neighbors.
Calamity, the other border collie, and Oscar, the dachshund, are my brothers who lives down the road. Calamity doesn't like to chase the frisbee or ball; she just likes to chase Skylar while she is running. Poor Oscar is just now getting where he can play again . He got hit by a car and fractured his pelvis. He is getting better and almost well. He thinks he is a hunter. He loves to go into the woods and look for squirrels. I don't think he ever catches anything, but he gives it his best shot.


LizzyBean said...

Wow, I didn't know little Oscar was a fierce squirrel hunter! I'm so glad he's feeling better. Poor little Boomer, who would do something so awful as to leave a puppy in a dumpster? Glad he's having fun at Becky's Barnyard now! I didn't know that Calamity just chases Skylar with whatever she's got -- that is funny! Very informative post today. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I hate to hear that Oscar got hit by a car. Poor little fella.