Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Horses

These are my horses, Poppet and Suki. They look calm now, but when I took thier picture; Wow!Away they went. They hadn't had thier treat yet, so they came back. Suki is the spotted one. I've had only about two years and I don't really know how old she is. She was a rescue horse but she is doing really well now. Poppet I've had for about twelve years. Like all my animals, they are spoiled.


LizzyBean said...

I love your new header! And your avatar picture; it looks great! That is a good picture of Poppet. Suki is avoiding the Pea Ridge paparazzi! You should give a history of the Barn (& maybe the old house too...)

LizzyBean said...

I see that Mom has become a follower! What is going on in Pea Ridge?? Have a good weekend!